10. loka, 2018


Boundaries and limits are not what we WISH were true, they are what is ALREADY true.

I wish:

I could survive on 5 hours of sleep.

I didn’t care if the house was a mess.

I was gentle and patient regardless of how I am feeling.

In reality:

I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

I Absolutely Cannot Stand a messy house.

I am short tempered and irritable when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, or tired.


when you start feeling the relief and peace that comes from living within your limits and holding firm on your boundaries, you won’t go back!

Examples of Rules Relating To Boundaries

Boundary: You think people should clean up their own messes.

Rule: People don’t leave messes for others to pick up. Everyone cleans their own room and helps clear common areas.


Boundary: You want regular time with your spouse nightly.

Rule: The kids must be in bed by 8:30 p.m. at the latest.


Boundary: You don’t like disrespectful backtalk.

Rule: The kids can share their thoughts and feelings without an “attitude” or disrespectful tone.