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Our vision is to improve holistic wellbeing of You.


"Choose life and good" is our slogan to show the way in daily desicionmaking.



To choose Phyt’s is to choose a unique brand that aims to :

  • Take part in building awareness to encourage changes and certain practices that allow our societies to return to a state of harmony with the environment,
  • Bring meaning and responsibility to day-to-day life,
  • Share a commitment for a better world and respect for our planet.
  • Phyt’s aims to stay true to its origins and values:

    • pleasure,
    • effectiveness,
    • respectful of both people and the environment,
    • privileged partnership with beauty professionals
    • safety.

    As a cosmetologist I'm Yours. A facial done by professional cosmetics or guidance to Your beautyroutines.

  • Phyt's – 48 years of natural salon beauty

    Panacée Treatment

    An institute treatment approved by 100% of women who tested it !

    The certified organic Panacée booth treatment offers a wonderful combination of effectiveness and sensorality. Original textures and a unique sculpting face massage implemented with Dermophyt's for instantly visible results after just one treatment! Entrust your face to the expert hands of your Phyt's beautician.


18. Heinä, 2020

New in Morelife Salon: Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment

It recharges the batteries of the skin exposed to pollution, dull, stressed and tired and at the same time offers a protective, anti adhesion film against urban aggressions. This short treatment combines fresh and natural fragrances and light and smooth textures to restore energy and radiance to the skin.
It starts with gentle exfoliation, followed by Phyt’s massage routine and revitalising motions for regenerated skin. Then comes the energising and fresh Masque Anti-Pollution before the green notes of the moisteriser to finish with.
It is healthy, refreshed, and ready to face external aggressions.

18. Heinä, 2020

New in Morelife Salon: Soin Equilibre Nourissant

Immerse yourself in a haven of well-being, organic certified and 100% of natural origin. A comfort care with Argan and Hemp Oil, rich in Omega 3 & 6, which protects dry skins. Repairs and supplies lipids to the skin, nourishes skins which feel tight. Your highly-trained Naturo-Beautician pampers your skin in an uncomparable and soft way. The ritual begins with cleansing and exfoliating followed by a relaxing modelage with the golden & nourishing oil Sérum Nutrition Extrême. Essential ingredients, Argan and Hemp oils, thanks to their virtues will help your skin feel comfortable. When completely relaxed, your skin will draw maximum benefits from the mask and its rich Organic active ingredients.

18. Heinä, 2020

New in Morelife Salon: Soin Aqua, Dry skin

A real treat! A few drops of this Organic Certified Moisterizer will quench your skin’s thirst. You’ll enjoy the almond and fruit fragrances of this care. The hands and fingers of your Naturo-Beautician gently brush and press in fluid movements. Time stands still. Your skin is replenished. Your senses are re-awakened by a refreshing cleansing / exfoliating care with a bouquet of organic active ingredients, 100% of natural origin (such as lemon, verbena, rosemary, lavender). Then, a delightful modelage, with tonic Peppermint, Palmarosa for good regeneration, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid (real water trap) which are the two pillars of the treatment. The session continues with the application of a mask. Have complete relaxation while the skin benefits the most of the active ingredients. Finally your skin is protected and balanced thanks to the Fluid or Moisturizer, depending on your skin type.

18. Heinä, 2020

Phyts Panacee Le Soin

Edelweiss, Rosemary, Vitamin E, Acmella, Rye, Brown Algae, Adenosine, Punarnava, Rose hip

Type Of Skin : All mature skin types
Expectation : Global anti-age action
Duration : 1h30
Recommended frequency : 1 set of 3 treatments at an institute (1 treatment per week)

Visible results from the first treatment!
100% The skin look younger
95% Wrinkles and lines are reduced
90% The skin is lifted and firmer
85% The face is resculpted
75% The face contour is redefined

(4) Satisfaction test conducted on 20 women from 45 to 70 years after 1 treatment

  • Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment

    Marine* extracts, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E of plant origin, Rosemary

    Type Of Skin : Dull, devitalised, stressed skin, exposed to polluting agents
    Expectation : Oxygenates, Revitalises, Highlights and preserves the skin from pollution
    Duration : 45 minutes
    Recommended frequency : 6 sessions, once a week.

    Refreshed and energised skin
    Oxygenated skin
    A glowing complexion

  • Treatment Aqua Phyt’s

    Hyaluronic Acid of natural origin

    Type Of Skin : Dehydrated skin
    Expectation : Rehydrates and refreshes the skin
    Duration : 1h15
    Recommended frequency : A 6 week-treatment (once a week)

    Efficacité hydratante prouvée :
    • Crème Hydratante Aqua Phyt’s :
    Hydration increased by 68% 6h after application(1)
    Hydration increased by 60% 8h after application(1)
    Hydration increased by 22% 24h after application(1)
    • Fluide Hydratant Aqua Phyt’s :
    Hydration increased by 70% 6h after application(1)
    Hydration increased by 69% 8h after application(1)
    Hydration increased by 28% 24h after application(1)
    (1)Instrumental test on10 adult volunteers on the forearms.

  • Phyts Soin Equilibre Nourissant

    Argan, Hemp, Ho Wood, Lavender, natural Vitamin E

    Type Of Skin : Dry to very dry skin
    Expectation : Nourishes, soothes and restores skin comfort
    Duration : 1h15
    Recommended frequency : A 6 week-treatment (once a week)

    • Nourished skin
    • Soothed skin
    • An instant comfort