Morelife day-to day organisation


Our vision is to improve holistic wellbeing of You and children.


"Choose life and good" is our slogan to show the way in daily desicionmaking.




    Choose and list Your most important values and give each of them a place. At the bottom the most important. Next prioritaze/ concentrate on the most important. Let me help You- I cannot wait to share great tools to get organized...


    I´m here to create a bridge between You and the others who share similar values as You (and me) do. Be active to join in some- Facebook and YouTube channel.


    Deeper look at resources and Your capacity may enable You to become more productive. As moms, we often feel like the weight of our family and work is all on our shoulders. But it doesn't have to be! Your kids are fully capable of packing their own lunches, cleaning their own rooms, even doing their own laundry.